gibbering is a type of speech that is characterized by incoherent or meaningless words. It's usually used when someone is extremely upset or scared.

  • He was gibbering and shaking uncontrollably.

  • The victim was gibbering and incoherent after the attack.

Definition of gibbering


To jabber, talk rapidly and unintelligibly or incoherently.


Manic, meaningless speech; babble.


Prone to meaningless vocalization, especially excited and confused utterances, like a beast or monster.

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Example Sentences for gibbering

  • 1

    Jackson could only gibber.

  • 2

    He continues to gibber about a duck.

  • 3

    I didn't mean to make you gibber.

  • 4

    I don't mean to make you gibber.

  • 5

    There are too much technical gibbering and not enough thought.

  • 6

    Stop gibbering repeatedly, provide reliable sources yourself, and desist.

  • 7

    Don't add monkey gibber and think before you type.

  • 8

    My sanity may be in question already, but at least I don't gibber.

  • 9

    Having so many eyes, gibbering mouthers are difficult to sneak up on.

  • 10

    I was made to seem like a gibbering lunatic for about 8 months afterwards.