A giantess is a person who is larger than average. They might be taller or heavier than the average person, and they might have a lot of muscle.

  • He is a giant, which is why he is so strong.

  • She is a giantess, which is why she can lift so much weight.

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Example Sentences for giantess

  • 1

    Kelly is a giantess in a city at night.

  • 2

    Who is the giantess on the side of the stage

  • 3

    This page is about a giantess, not a disease.

  • 4

    On the way there they stopped at the home of the giantess Grid.

  • 5

    The prison contains an attractive storm giantess.

  • 6

    Grid was a giantess who saved Thor's life.

  • 7

    I have no idea whether she is a giantess or not.

  • 8

    Odin, king of the gods, is a descendant of this nameless giantess.

  • 9

    Borr's mother is not known, but she was maybe a giantess.

  • 10

    In Loki's article, it says that a giantess by the name of Thokk did not.