A geyser is a fountain or spout of water that erupts from the ground. They are usually located in hot, dry areas, and they are usually named for the location where they are found.

  • The geysers in Yellowstone National Park are famous for their erupting behavior.

  • The geysers in Iceland are famous for their beautiful colors.

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Example Sentences for geysers

  • 1

    The geyser erupted soon after the ranger left.

  • 2

    On one wintry day, a geyser erupted near the Hakurei Shrine.

  • 3

    The geyser erupts from the casing of a well drilled in the late 1800s.

  • 4

    Lou sat on the geyser only to have water squirting from the top of his head.

  • 5

    The specific location of the geyser is in the map.

  • 6

    Both the fish and geyser agruments are inane.

  • 7

    Look up at the ceiling to find a stalactite by the eastern geyser.

  • 8

    Much of the lagoon is intact with the geyser base still visible.

  • 9

    The climax of the ride drops the rafts down into a geyser field.

  • 10

    In 1903, the geyser was activated the first time and shut down in 1957.