Geometric is a word that refers to things that areshaped or arranged in a particular way. geometric shapes include squares, rectangles, and triangles.

  • The artwork is made up of geometric shapes.

  • The geometry teacher is teaching a class on geometric shapes.

Definition of geometrical


characterized by simple geometric forms in design and decoration




of or relating to or determined by geometry



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Example Sentences for geometrical

  • 1

    It used the methods of the Italian school of algebraic geometry.

  • 2

    The algebraic geometry sense of this is not the same as the logical one.

  • 3

    This is because the geometry is the geometry of the surface of a sphere.

  • 4

    It is the paradox that is knotty, not Euclidean geometry.

  • 5

    This desbribes the geometry of the hyperbolic orbit.

  • 6

    This is the basis of the field of noncommutative geometry.

  • 7

    Note the potential in the geometry for laws of reciprocity.

  • 8

    In addition, it determines the geometry of the emergent beam.

  • 9

    The aesthetic, geometry and rhythms of the calligraphy are unveiled.

  • 10

    The animation shows the geometry of the fiber diffraction.