Gentlemanly is a adjective that describes someone who is polite and kind. They are usually careful not to offend or hurt other people, and they try to behave in a respectful way.

  • He was a very gentlemanly man, always opening the door for me.

  • He acted like a complete gentleman by apologizing for his behavior.

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Example Sentences for gentlemanly

  • 1

    He is urbane and sophisticated, and the model of gentlemanliness and charm.

  • 2

    Gentlemanly behavior and gracefulness were held high.

  • 3

    That was very gentlemanly of you.

  • 4

    It's not gentlemanly to accuse and hide.

  • 5

    A matter of gentlemanly courtesy.

  • 6

    This misquote is not gentlemanly behaviour.

  • 7

    Here is a man of gentlemanly type.

  • 8

    They appeared perfectly civil and gentlemanly.

  • 9

    This was not the gentlemanly behaviour of a London restaurateur.

  • 10

    Annan is the world's most gentlemanly politician.