Gelatinous is a word that describes something that is soft and squishy. It can be used to describe something that is wet and sticky, or something that is made out of jelly.

  • The jelly was gelatinous and very gooey.

  • The soup was gelatinous and very thick.

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Example Sentences for gelatinous

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    A capsule is a gelatinous envelope enclosing the active substance.

  • 2

    The atom, is made up of a very very gelatinous substance.

  • 3

    The metal contact includes a gelatinous substance to prevent corrosion.

  • 4

    It has the ability to liquefy gelatin.

  • 5

    Estimating the predatory impact of gelatinous zooplankton.

  • 6

    The bread is very soft, almost gelatinous.

  • 7

    The most famous ooze is the gelatinous cube.

  • 8

    The posterior part is gelatinous and mostly transparent.

  • 9

    The thicker the gelatin, the more dye it absorbed.

  • 10

    The gelatinous to rubbery consistency lends texture to soups.