A gatherer is someone who collects things. They might collect things like eggs or flowers.

  • The gatherer was gathering eggs from the chicken coop.

  • The gatherer was gathering flowers from the garden.

Definition of gatherer


a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)


accumulator, collector


a person who gathers

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Example Sentences for gatherer

  • 1

    Gammenon is the Celestials' data collector and gatherer of specimens.

  • 2

    On the team, Sam acts as the primary gatherer of information.

  • 3

    The information and data gathered for the article was from the group.

  • 4

    The evidence gathered was lucid.

  • 5

    The family gathers in the kitchen.

  • 6

    The people convened a gathering.

  • 7

    The people gathered in conviviality.

  • 8

    The spectacle gathered crowds.

  • 9

    They gathered in front of the door.

  • 10

    Heavy particulate gathers in the pocket.