Gamete is a word that is used to describe a reproductive cell. It can be either a sperm or a egg.

  • He was surprised to learn that he was one of the gametes in the experiment.

Definition of gamete


a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes

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Example Sentences for gamete

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    Pollen contains the male gametes.

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    The female gamete is produced inside the embryo sac of the ovule.

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    Fecundation is the physical union of male and female gametes.

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    Its because the male sex gametes typically determines the sex of the offspring.

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    It is also the gametic line where the gamete formation takes place.

  • 6

    The ovule is not the female gamete.

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    The 'gonad' is the organ that makes gametes.

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    There is a division of labor at the gamete level.

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    At the highest point of their ascent they release the gametes.

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    Meiosis is the reproduction of gametes, or sex cells.