To gallows is to hang someone. When someone is executed by hanging, it is usually done publicly so that the public can see what is happening.

  • He was sentenced to the gallows for his crimes.

  • The murderer was hanged from the gallows.

Definition of gallows


an instrument of execution consisting of a wooden frame from which a condemned person is executed by hanging

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Example Sentences for gallows

  • 1

    He was led to the gallows barefoot and naked.

  • 2

    Filumena was hung on the gallows at the Fort Saskatchewan penitentiary.

  • 3

    A picture of misery of a man stumbled in fetters on towards the gallows.

  • 4

    Two eyewitness to the recorded hanging differed on the location of the gallows.

  • 5

    The collosal blunder of that invasion actually began his road to the gallows.

  • 6

    The only way to restore order was to erect the gallows and flog many soldiers.

  • 7

    But its music now sounds just right for a certain recessionary mood bleary, frustrated, cranky, heartsick and gallows humored.

  • 8

    The place of execution was then the gallows at Gallows Corner.

  • 9

    The gallows and the pillory stood there.

  • 10

    They installed a guillotine and a gallows.