To be furiously angry is to be very angry. You might be furiously angry when you lose your temper or when you're really upset.

  • The students were furiously angry when they didn't get their answers the way they wanted them.

  • He was furiously angry when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Definition of furiously


(of the elements) in a wild and stormy manner


in a manner marked by extreme or violent energy


in an impassioned or very angry manner

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Example Sentences for furiously

  • 1

    The captain was shouting furiously.

  • 2

    That student is maddening the teacher furiously.

  • 3

    The police then attacked the people furiously.

  • 4

    The starboard engine was burning furiously.

  • 5

    By now the starboard engine was burning furiously.

  • 6

    Kevin furiously throws the money in the fireplace.

  • 7

    The politicians retort furiously as they were debating.

  • 8

    Anglesey furiously repairs the equipment to restore the connection.

  • 9

    Bayezid furiously rejected the proposal and marched on Bursa.

  • 10

    Jillian furiously accuses her sister of the prank.