To fundraise is to collect money from people to support a cause or project. Often, this money is used to help fund a specific project or campaign.

  • They are trying to fundraise to buy new equipment for the hospital.

  • The student group is trying to fundraise to buy new furniture for the library.

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Example Sentences for fundraise

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    The event was a fundraiser for the American Legion.

  • 2

    The show was a fundraiser for the Cricket Club.

  • 3

    The staple reason for the concert is for fundraising.

  • 4

    This benefaction is added to the fundraising project.

  • 5

    This is the major fundraiser at the school for the year.

  • 6

    This is the primary fundraiser the college holds.

  • 7

    At the end of 2009, the annual fundraiser was held.

  • 8

    It appears that one is the fundraiser, and the other is the recipient.

  • 9

    He's the most astonishing fundraiser in the country.

  • 10

    The grant was released and the fundraiser never held.