Frilled is a type of cloth that is decorated with a pattern of small, pointed holes. It is often used to make clothes and accessories.

  • The dress had a frilled neckline.

  • The scarf had a frilled edge.

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Example Sentences for frilled

  • 1

    Markings are marked on the frill.

  • 2

    The size of the frill was measured.

  • 3

    The dress had frills round the shoulders.

  • 4

    The frill is much reduced, and the jaw expanded.

  • 5

    I like the ruffles and frills on your dress.

  • 6

    A large frill adorns the upper part of the neck.

  • 7

    The frill is full of holes and covered in a waxy adhesive.

  • 8

    The frill consists mostly of the parietal bone and partially of the squamosal.

  • 9

    The frill looks very much like the sample drawings.

  • 10

    The breed is known for its small size and frill of neck feathers.