To fourfold something is to multiply it by four. When you fourfold a number, you get the number multiplied by 4 times the original number.

  • The teacher asked the students to fourfold their homework to make it easier to understand.

  • The company is trying to fourfold their sales this year.

Definition of fourfold


four times as great or many


four-fold, quadruple


by a factor of four


four times


having four units or components


four-fold, quadruple, quadruplex, quadruplicate

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Example Sentences for fourfold

  • 1

    The Republican identity crisis is fourfold.

  • 2

    It is hoped that production will be increased fourfold.

  • 3

    As a result, a fourfold cultural sequence was established.

  • 4

    Since then he had expanded it fourfold.

  • 5

    Tests demonstrated a fourfold increase in precipitation.

  • 6

    The manufacturing output for the city rose fourfold.

  • 7

    The fourfold version of an architectural trefoil is a quatrefoil.

  • 8

    The number of districts was reduced about fourfold.

  • 9

    A fourfold improvement in the detection limit can be obtained.

  • 10

    A similar fourfold categorization is also found in Rabbinic writings.