To foretell something is to say or write what will happen in the future. When you foretell a disaster, you are warning people about what will happen.

  • The fortuneteller predicted that the world would end in 2012.

  • The fortuneteller predicted that the stock market would go down.

Definition of foretelling


the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means


divination, fortune telling, soothsaying


a statement made about the future


forecasting, prediction, prognostication

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Example Sentences for foretelling

  • 1

    The prophecies supposedly foretell the future of the Underlanders.

  • 2

    The books center around a prophecy that foretells the birth of the Star Child.

  • 3

    Cathbad had the ability to foretell the future.

  • 4

    The resulting figures and shapes foretell the future.

  • 5

    Its disintegration will foretell the disintegration in the Soviet Union.

  • 6

    It is being used to foretell the strength and power of the wind.

  • 7

    It is believed the one selected will foretell the child's future.

  • 8

    She is able to foretell the future by the arrangement of the stars.

  • 9

    In later stories, the appearance of the banshee could foretell the death.

  • 10

    It foretells the metaphor of Moses being saved by the daughter of the Pharaoh.