When something is forestalled, it's prevented from happening. Usually, this is because someone has prevented it from happening.

  • The police were forestalled by the protesters.

  • The construction was forestalled by the bad weather.

Definition of forestalled


To prevent, delay or hinder something by taking precautionary or anticipatory measures; to avert.


To preclude or bar from happening, render impossible.


To purchase the complete supply of a good, particularly foodstuffs, in order to charge a monopoly price.


To anticipate, to act foreseeingly.


To deprive (with of).


To obstruct or stop up, as a road; to stop the passage of a highway; to intercept on the road, as goods on the way to market.

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Example Sentences for forestalled

  • 1

    This was forestalled by the collapse of the deal.

  • 2

    Inequity needs to be forestalled beforehand.

  • 3

    This solution will only forestall the issue.

  • 4

    The forestall exploit is the most important activity in the area.

  • 5

    The publics ignorance is the only way that impeachment is forestalled.

  • 6

    That should forestall any concerns of length for the foreseeable future.

  • 7

    It was just a way of trying to forestall trouble further down the line.

  • 8

    That might also forestall criticism of a non global perspective in the article.

  • 9

    That might forestall some people from posting here in the future.

  • 10

    The move was taken to forestall any trouble he might cause.