When you have a feeling of foreboding, you are afraid that something bad is going to happen. You might feel this way about a situation, or you might feel this way about the future.

  • The feeling of foreboding was clear in the way he was walking.

  • The feeling of foreboding was clear in the way she was talking.

Definition of foreboding


ominously prophetic


fateful, portentous


a feeling of evil to come


boding, premonition, presentiment


an unfavorable omen

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Example Sentences for foreboding

  • 1

    The stars are ominous and foreboding.

  • 2

    That forebodes the death.

  • 3

    They forebode trouble.

  • 4

    That event forebodes the collapse.

  • 5

    The rain forebodes the accident.

  • 6

    It has a formidable and foreboding appearance.

  • 7

    I think it forebodes something wrong.

  • 8

    I think the dog forebodes the accident.

  • 9

    This seems to create the sense of foreboding and doom.

  • 10

    It has moments of real reflection and foreboding mystery.