To flytrap is to trap insects using a plant that has a special opening that the insects fall into. The plant then absorbs the insects' food.

  • The flytrap was designed to catch flies.

  • The flytrap was designed to catch mosquitoes.

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    The newsweeklies chronicle Flytrap's denouement.

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    Especially the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap.

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    Flytrap as a journalistic enterprise is in a holding pattern.

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    In essence, the safest place for the Venus flytrap is in nature.

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    It is also the home of the important plant, the Venus FlyTrap.

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    Flytrap also bears some responsibility for ashington's paralysis.

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    Slate in particular are devoting to the scandal we call Flytrap.

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    No, and the reasons reveal much about Flytrap game theory.

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    A fly bottle or glass flytrap is a passive fly trap.

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    Tommy discovered that Invenusable Flytrap had a weakness for heat.