To flutter is to move or flap your wings quickly. When a butterfly flutters its wings, it is trying to get air into and out of its lungs.

  • The butterfly was fluttering its wings frantically to fly away.

  • The curtains fluttered in the wind.

Definition of fluttered


To flap or wave quickly but irregularly.


Of a winged animal: to flap the wings without flying; to fly with a light flapping of the wings.


To cause something to flap.


To drive into disorder; to throw into confusion.


To be in a state of agitation or uncertainty.


To be frivolous.

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Example Sentences for fluttered

  • 1

    Their wrappings flutter in the wind.

  • 2

    They are then allowed to flutter in the wind.

  • 3

    It flutters, it glides and it lands on the kneecap.

  • 4

    The ribbons are released and flutter to the ground.

  • 5

    The white flag fluttered overhead.

  • 6

    His eyes flutter and for the moment he is okay.

  • 7

    The leg movement in freestyle is called the flutter kick.

  • 8

    This increases the processing speed and prevents flutter of the outputs.

  • 9

    The ending is brilliant as his hands flutter and the flower petals fall.

  • 10

    The females flutter about amongst the bundergrowth and bushes at forest edges.