The word fluctuating means that the amount of something is changing. The amount of money that is in your bank account is usually fluctuating, which means that it is going up and down.

  • The stock price for the company is fluctuating a lot, which is why it's hard to predict how it will behave.

  • The temperature is fluctuating a lot, which means that it is always changing.

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Example Sentences for fluctuating

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    Is the universe a vacuum fluctuation

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    Festive season sales fluctuate.

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    The goal is to understand the statistical fluctuations.

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    The price of the AB will fluctuate to the market.

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    It is convenient to think of the fluctuations of the vacuum as photons.

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    Examples include the bond fluctuation model.

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    Gas prices fluctuate outside Kansas.

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    The result is far less fluctuation in price.

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    They both fluctuate with economic improvements and declines.

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    They fluctuate based on the economics of operating the rigs.