To fleec is to rob or plunder someone. When you fleec someone, you take their money or possessions without asking.

  • The thief fleeced the store of all of its money.

  • The company is fleecing its customers by charging high prices for its products.

Definition of fleecing


To con or trick (someone) out of money.


To shear the fleece from (a sheep or other animal).


To cover with, or as if with, wool.


A confidence trick.

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Example Sentences for fleecing

  • 1

    Its fleece formed the clothing of the idol.

  • 2

    The creamy white fleece appears as the lamb matures.

  • 3

    The fleece was a symbol of the traditional woollen industry of the area.

  • 4

    A fleece like material may form the pervious surface.

  • 5

    A fleece like material may form the pervious surface.

  • 6

    The Merino is an animal developed because of the desirability of its fleece.

  • 7

    The fleece taken from an Angora goat is called mohair.

  • 8

    Next, a sodium sulfide solution is applied to the skin side of the fleece.

  • 9

    The plot is where Jason lays a hand on the fleece, and the hydra is awakened.

  • 10

    Caster cannot use the Fleece, though, so it's a useless phantasm for her.