To flatten something is to make it into a thin sheet or sheet of paper. You can flatten a piece of paper by pressing it down with your hand, or by using a machine.

  • The printer was flattening the paper as it was printing.

  • The cloth was being flattened by the machine.

Definition of flattens


become flat or flatter


flatten out


lower the pitch of (musical notes)




make flat or flatter

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Example Sentences for flattens

  • 1

    The body is elongate and flattened ventrally to the pelvic fins.

  • 2

    The carapace is oval and flattened.

  • 3

    The leaves are connate by flattened petioles.

  • 4

    The nucleus is flattened and located on the periphery.

  • 5

    The simplest fix is to flatten the hierarchy.

  • 6

    The top of the mountain is flattened and domelike.

  • 7

    These are the onsets of muscles that flatten the abdomen.

  • 8

    The forehead is flattened, and the bill is strong and pointed.

  • 9

    The pediment is flattened and the columns are widely spaced.

  • 10

    The carapace is flattened dorsally and highest anterior to the bridge.