When you say that someone's fingertip is touching the edge of the pool, you are saying that the person is very close to the edge of the pool.

  • He was only fingertipdeep in the pool.

  • The water was so cold that his fingertips were barely touching the surface.

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Example Sentences for fingertip

  • 1

    Fingernails reach the end of the fingertips.

  • 2

    First, the strings may be depressed with the fingertips of the fretting hand.

  • 3

    The hand is held open while the fingertips are kept rigid.

  • 4

    His tail is prehensile, and his fingertips end in claws.

  • 5

    For magnetic implats under the fingertips.

  • 6

    But the diagram shows it from the armpit to the fingertips.

  • 7

    The bands are adapted to grip the user's fingertip.

  • 8

    He was rushed to hospital and the fingertip was re attached.

  • 9

    You delete entries at the touch of your fingertip.

  • 10

    I've wondered about the accuracy of the fingertip oxygen monitors.