A figurehead is a person who is chosen to represent a group or organization, but who really has no power or influence. The figurehead usually has no authority or control over the group or organization.

  • The figurehead was chosen to represent the company, but he had no real power.

  • The figurehead was chosen to represent the school, but he had no real power to change anything.

Definition of figurehead


a person used as a cover for some questionable activity


front, front man, nominal head, straw man, strawman


figure on the bow of some sailing vessels

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Example Sentences for figurehead

  • 1

    The figurehead on the prow holds an hourglass representing time.

  • 2

    He wants to be the leader as the figurehead.

  • 3

    The ship's figurehead was a great leader.

  • 4

    The President is the head of state, and a powerless figurehead.

  • 5

    He is the leader, the chairman and figurehead of all the ministers.

  • 6

    Moses is the figurehead of the Jews.

  • 7

    They are the figureheads and posterchildren for the genre.

  • 8

    Thomas is the figurehead of the company.

  • 9

    Blam became a figurehead for the tribe.

  • 10

    King Peter was the figurehead for the army.