Figuratively means in a way that is not literal. When you say that someone is acting like a madman, you're not actually describing them as being crazy. You're using the word figuratively to mean that they're behaving in a way that is not normal.

  • He was acting like a madman when he stormed out of the meeting.

  • The boat was so damaged that it was impossible to sail it back to the harbor, and the crew was starting to feel like they were going crazy.

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Example Sentences for figuratively

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    I was just speaking in the figurative.

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    She is, figuratively speaking, burning the stake.

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    Has anyone figured out the cryptogram that Haley is speaking in

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    Yet, he also speaks approvingly of major scientific figures like Isaac Newton.

  • 5

    It gives the methodology and figures that are used to extrapolate the figures.

  • 6

    The larger of the figures is the Boa Island bilateral figure.

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    He developed a flair for public speaking, which made him a sought after figure on the national lecture circuit.

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    Literal is the opposite of figurative.

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    His figure was paunchy.

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    Currently is the figure of the team.