The fiercest thing is the strongest thing. The fiercest animal is the strongest animal, and the fiercest person is the strongest person.

  • The fiercest animal is the lion.

  • The fiercest person is the emperor.

Definition of fiercest


Exceedingly violent, severe, ferocious, cruel or savage.


Resolute or strenuously active.


Threatening in appearance or demeanor.


(rural) Excellent, very good.


Of exceptional quality, exhibiting boldness or chutzpah.

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Example Sentences for fiercest

  • 1

    The Boholanos resisted fiercely.

  • 2

    They fiercely defended their motherland.

  • 3

    Fierce clouds are portentous of danger.

  • 4

    The big problem was that the competition was fierce.

  • 5

    The bill was fiercely opposed and rejected.

  • 6

    The cause of this boom is fiercely debated.

  • 7

    The competition between the two is fierce.

  • 8

    The competition is fierce between the corporations.

  • 9

    The ground began to wobble fiercely.

  • 10

    The people fought fiercely to secede.