Fiendishly is a word that is used to describe someone who is very cruel and evil. They are usually obsessed with inflicting pain on others, and they enjoy it.

  • The villain was fiendishly cruel, tormenting the protagonist for fun.

  • The villain was fiendishly clever, managing to escape from the police station fiendishly.

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Example Sentences for fiendishly

  • 1

    I know of your fiendish plans.

  • 2

    He transforms into a fiendish demon dragon.

  • 3

    This provides the sort of tense and fiendish gameplay.

  • 4

    Can they be allowed to continue their fiendish reign of terror

  • 5

    He is not a perfidious or barbarous or fantastically fiendish foe.

  • 6

    Halloween's fiendish fun translates into big bucks.

  • 7

    Most people might not be aware of is his fiendish love.

  • 8

    I had been duped by fiendish studio producers.

  • 9

    This halloween bash is perfect for inviting your fiendish friends.

  • 10

    He then chuckles at seeing the girl's fiendish gleam in her eyes.