When someone is fidgeting, they are constantly moving their hands or feet around. This can be a sign of anxiety or nervousness.

  • He was constantly fidgeting with his hands, which was very distracting.

  • She was constantly fidgeting with her hair, which was a sign that she was nervous.

Definition of fidget


a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion


fidgetiness, restlessness


move restlessly

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Example Sentences for fidget

  • 1

    It moved Doug unexpectedly to laugh, and then to twitch and fidget nervously.

  • 2

    He would fidget, twitch, pace, and convulse while on the mound.

  • 3

    He keeps moving it and fidgeting.

  • 4

    Fidgeting is the act of moving restlessly.

  • 5

    As they wait, Fidget stumbles through the pub.

  • 6

    He tends to fidget with his hands.

  • 7

    I guess I fidget on the keyboard.

  • 8

    Fidgeting actually helps kids with ADHD.

  • 9

    She bites her nails and fidget nervously.

  • 10

    I see no mention of fidgeting for the purpose of concentration, though.