To fiddle with something is to play with it carelessly, to mess with it. You might fiddle with the controls on your car, or with the settings on your alarm clock.

  • He was fiddling with the remote control, trying to change the channel.

  • She fiddled with her necklace, trying to make it look nicer.

Definition of fiddled


To play aimlessly.


To adjust or manipulate for deception or fraud.


To play traditional tunes on a violin in a non-classical style.


To touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way, or tinker with something in an attempt to make minor adjustments or improvements.

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Example Sentences for fiddled

  • 1

    At the end of the skit, they fiddle dance.

  • 2

    The manic fiddling style is unmistakable.

  • 3

    They fiddle danced during the skit.

  • 4

    In earlier years, the fiddle was the predominant instrument.

  • 5

    The main instruments of the group are the fiddle and the accordion.

  • 6

    The tailor began to fiddle, and the bear danced.

  • 7

    The fiddle has predominated since the seventeenth century.

  • 8

    The high lonesome bluegrass fiddle was soon joining in.

  • 9

    The instrument which lower class prefered was the fiddle.

  • 10

    The primary instrument of Swedish folk music is the fiddle.