Fictions are things that are not real. Sometimes people use the word to refer to stories that are not true, but are still enjoyable to read or watch.

  • The stories in the novel are all fictions, which means that they are not true.

  • The movie is based on a true story, but the stories in the movie are all fictions.

Definition of fictions


a deliberately false or improbable account


fable, fabrication


a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact

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Example Sentences for fictions

  • 1

    The story is fiction.

  • 2

    The article is not written by the authors of the fiction.

  • 3

    Her writing participated in the amatory fiction genre of British literature.

  • 4

    Works of fiction and non fiction are the products of fallible humans.

  • 5

    The editor continues to embellish the fiction.

  • 6

    The element in the movie is absolutely fiction.

  • 7

    The point of the journal is the publication of fiction.

  • 8

    They love the Fiction, and enquire no farther.

  • 9

    Amatory fiction was written by women and for women.

  • 10

    Behemoth is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.