When something is feathery, it is light and floaty. Feathers are a good example of something that is feathery.

  • The feathery dress was very flattering.

  • The feathery clouds looked like they were about to rain.

Definition of feathery


resembling or suggesting a feather or feathers




adorned with feathers or plumes


feathered, plumy


characterized by a covering of feathers

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Example Sentences for feathery

  • 1

    The fruits have feathery bristles attached to top end of the seed.

  • 2

    The feathery leaves are arranged in a nest.

  • 3

    The skin has a feathery texture.

  • 4

    This produces feathery fronds in steps.

  • 5

    The head is yellow orange, with feathery antennae.

  • 6

    Feathery seeds ripen between August and October.

  • 7

    The feathery leaves are arranged in a ground hugging rosette.

  • 8

    The feathery, freely hanging roots are purple black.

  • 9

    The grey green leaves are small, narrow and feathery.

  • 10

    Her skin was warm and feathery enough to feel attractive.