To fantasize is to daydream about something that is not really happening. When you fantasize, you are usually imagining something that is very different from the reality.

  • He spends a lot of time fantasizing about being rich and famous.

  • She fantasizes about being famous and loved.

Definition of fantasize


indulge in fantasies


fantasise, fantasy


portray in the mind



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Example Sentences for fantasize

  • 1

    They don't have to hypothesize or fantasize about what would have happened.

  • 2

    It's perfectly legal to fantasize.

  • 3

    I'd fantasize that he'd disappear.

  • 4

    They fantasize that the farmhouse will meet their needs.

  • 5

    There are rapists who do not fantasize about it.

  • 6

    Books and movies help me evade and fantasize.

  • 7

    A whole lot of people fantasize about both.

  • 8

    As far as chocolate is concerned we don't fantasize about it.

  • 9

    He eavesdrops on them while fantasizing about the woman.

  • 10

    Lots of young people fantasize about being on tv.