Fanciful is a word that describes something that is exaggerated or unrealistic. When you say that someone is wearing a fancy dress, you are using the word fanciful to describe it.

  • The fanciful dress was too hot to wear.

  • The fanciful story was too exciting to be true.

Definition of fanciful


indulging in or influenced by fancy




not based on fact; existing only in the imagination


imaginary, notional


having a curiously intricate quality

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Example Sentences for fanciful

  • 1

    His first fancy for the tale was expressed in a letter in the middle of July.

  • 2

    The casing was fancy.

  • 3

    The cover of the book was fancy.

  • 4

    Any suggestion to the contrary is fanciful.

  • 5

    It is the result of a fanciful press release.

  • 6

    In both cases, the claim was fanciful.

  • 7

    Everything else is fanciful in the book.

  • 8

    He fancies himself a sophisticate.

  • 9

    The association with UN is also fanciful.

  • 10

    The dialectician talked in a fancy tone.