A facade is a front that is put up to disguise or conceal something. A facade can be the front that a person shows to the world, or the front that a company or organization shows to the public.

  • The company's facade is fake, and it's only meant to make people feel good.

  • The politician has a facade of being a good, honest guy, but he's actually a thief.

Definition of facades


a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant


window dressing


the face or front of a building


frontage, frontal

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Example Sentences for facades

  • 1

    The side facade is the original.

  • 2

    The tower rises to the side of the main facade.

  • 3

    To one side of the facade is a main entrance of the tower.

  • 4

    To one side of the facade is a quadrilateral bell tower.

  • 5

    Bottom is the facade of the church.

  • 6

    The facade of the building is of two levels.

  • 7

    But cracks are beginning to appear in this facade of disavowal.

  • 8

    A clock is centered in the uppermost band of the facade.

  • 9

    The facades of the building is in style Baroque and Renaissance.

  • 10

    The main entrance is in the center of the south facade.