Exponentially means that the rate at which something is increasing is increasing. The growth of a company, for example, is exponential.

  • The company is growing exponentially, which is why their profits are increasing so much.

  • The population is growing exponentially, which is why the city is becoming so crowded.

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Example Sentences for exponentially

  • 1

    Membership of the organisation increased exponentially.

  • 2

    The number of visitors increased exponentially.

  • 3

    The GDP of many countries grows exponentially.

  • 4

    The conductivity of the atmosphere increases exponentially with altitude.

  • 5

    The curve of the return periods increases exponentially.

  • 6

    They find that the microorganism grows at an exponential rate when irradiated.

  • 7

    With the usual notation, namely and so the sum of money grows exponentially.

  • 8

    The complexity for the algorithm is exponential.

  • 9

    The exponential expansion of the universe is over.

  • 10

    The exponential is unbounded in the real numbers.