An expansionist is someone who wants to increase the size of the country or the number of people who live there. They believe that by doing this, the country will be better off.

  • The expansionist candidate won the election by appealing to the expansionist sentiment in the population.

  • The expansionist policies of the government are contributing to the country's growing debt.

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Example Sentences for expansionist

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    Are there sources that acknowledge the Argentine Confederation as expansionist

  • 2

    Khador is the imperialistic, expansionist nation to the north.

  • 3

    This is all about the expansionist policy of Romanians.

  • 4

    Was Brazil an expansionist nation in the territorial meaning

  • 5

    You should not spread the terminology of an expansionist regime.

  • 6

    He continued with the expansionist maritime policy of his predecessor.

  • 7

    The author seems to portray the Eurosphere as a highly expansionist state.

  • 8

    The matter was further complicated by the rise of the expansionist Nazi Germany.

  • 9

    Many in the Muslim world believe that Israel has expansionist ambitions.

  • 10

    Serbian sites seem to parrot the official Serbian expansionist ideology.