To exert oneself is to work very hard. When you exert yourself, you put your whole body into the work that you're doing.

  • She exerted herself by running all the way around the track.

  • He exerted himself by lifting the heavy suitcase.

Definition of exerts


have and exercise


maintain, wield


put to use




make a great effort at a mental or physical task

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Example Sentences for exerts

  • 1

    The pressure of the liquid will exert forces on it.

  • 2

    They exert massive influence on the economy and governance of the state.

  • 3

    They did not exert the pressure upon one another.

  • 4

    I contemplated failing to materialize or exert much influence.

  • 5

    The liberal and republican writers of the west also exerted influence.

  • 6

    The machinist then exerts pressure to it to sand down specific areas.

  • 7

    The pressure exerted by the punch forces the metal to flow laterally.

  • 8

    Exertion aggravates the symptoms.

  • 9

    The people exerted the powers.

  • 10

    The force exerted by the piston is increased.