To excavate is to dig down into the ground. Sometimes you excavate for the purpose of finding something valuable, like treasure. Other times you excavate for the purpose of building something new, like a road.

  • The construction company is excavating a new road.

  • The archaeological team is excavating the site of an ancient city.

Definition of excavate


find by digging in the ground


dig up, turn up


recover through digging




remove the inner part or the core of


dig, hollow


form by hollowing

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Example Sentences for excavate

  • 1

    Excavation of dirt was from the rear, hiding telltale traces of the digging.

  • 2

    The people excavated the cave.

  • 3

    The people excavated the hole.

  • 4

    They excavated the sky line.

  • 5

    The old minster was excavated in the 1960s.

  • 6

    The results of the excavation were impressive.

  • 7

    The soldiers excavated the southern ground.

  • 8

    Excavation and replacement of the anodes is required as they corrode.

  • 9

    The chronology for the excavated features is not securely established.

  • 10

    The excavated hoard was taken to the British Museum.