Evolves means to change or to become different. When something evolves, it changes over time.

  • The new species of dinosaur evolved over time.

  • The company evolved from a small startup to a large company.

Definition of evolves


work out


develop, germinate


gain through experience


acquire, develop


undergo development or evolution

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Example Sentences for evolves

  • 1

    The aureole evolved by the development and decay of a thermal dome.

  • 2

    Homeopathy is in the process of evolving.

  • 3

    The position evolved sporadically.

  • 4

    Will either evolve or petrify

  • 5

    As the consensus is evolved the article drastically.

  • 6

    Human being has evolved.

  • 7

    The corps and the rank system evolved.

  • 8

    The soul of the flock evolves as a unit.

  • 9

    It is deemed that the human continues to spiritually evolve.

  • 10

    The gimmick has evolved over the years.