Evolutionarily means that something is the way that it is because it is the way that it has evolved over time. This means that it is based on the natural selection of the strongest and fittest members of a species.

  • The theory of evolution is based on evolutionarily.

  • The theory of evolution is not evolutionarily sound.

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    Systematic biology is the study of the evolutionary tree.

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    The concept of degeneracy is widespread in evolutionary biology literature.

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    The essence of this is the evolutionary perspective.

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    The evolutionary basis needs to be in the sentence.

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    Some thoughts on the history of the evolutionary synthesis.

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    The Khepera helped in the emergence of evolutionary robotics.

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    The cryptic remarks of the Evolutionary are no longer as mystifying.

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    The evolutionary origins of traumatic insemination are disputed.

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    Styling was evolutionary from the sleek 1957 models.

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    The Earth is the stage on which the evolutionary play is performed.