An eventful day is one that is full of excitement and drama. It can be a very stressful day, because there is always something happening.

  • The eventful day started with a disagreement between the two teams.

  • The eventful day ended with a fight between the two students.

Definition of eventful


having important issues or results




full of events or incidents

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Example Sentences for eventful

  • 1

    This series of events was consequential to the Indian independence movement.

  • 2

    The events in the comics parallel events in the lives of the characters.

  • 3

    In the event, the Germans hammered the Allied aircraft hard.

  • 4

    The thousands in attendance at the live event saw the changes happen.

  • 5

    The guest hosts at the event are the players competing in the event.

  • 6

    The event was not precedential.

  • 7

    These are the subsequent events.

  • 8

    This is a national event.

  • 9

    It was both the concept of the conceptual art event, and the event itself.

  • 10

    However, the act of observing this event determines the outcome of the event.