Evaporated means to disappear or to be used up. When water evaporates, it turns into water vapor.

  • The water evaporated quickly in the sun.

  • The water evaporated quickly because it was hot outside.

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Example Sentences for evaporated

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    Evaporation cools the refrigerant.

  • 2

    They are the Evaporator, Superheater, and Economizer.

  • 3

    The salt crystallizes as water evaporates.

  • 4

    This caused the evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • 5

    Transpiration is a process similar to evaporation.

  • 6

    At the surface of the wood, evaporation and condensation is occurring.

  • 7

    Once the water evaporates the dish is ready.

  • 8

    If the mass is equal to the mass of the wormhole that evaporates.

  • 9

    Evaporation is one of the two forms of vaporization.

  • 10

    The basic design uses the principle of evaporation.