Euphoric means happy and excited. When someone is euphoric, they are feeling very good about themselves and their situation.

  • She was feeling euphoric after she won the race.

  • The party was very euphoric, because everyone was having a great time.

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Example Sentences for euphoric

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    It is, however, a euphoric and victorious battle cry.

  • 2

    Alprazolam does not make the average person euphoric.

  • 3

    Opana has euphoric effects, and they are short lived.

  • 4

    During dinner, the family is euphoric with their new powers.

  • 5

    Euphoric with ambition, they renamed it the Westland Music Company.

  • 6

    In doing so, we get a euphoric feeling of healing.

  • 7

    His style is a mix of euphoric hardcore with uplifting vocals.

  • 8

    Even in rehearsals, playing it was just the most euphoric feeling.

  • 9

    From personal experience, it is more euphoric than codeine.

  • 10

    This finding might correspond to the slightly euphoric action of kava.