Ethnicity is the cultural and racial background of a person. It can refer to the particular culture that a person belongs to, or it can refer to the race of a person.

  • She is of Japanese ethnicity.

  • He is of Hispanic ethnicity.

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    The collaboration of artists transcended the ethnic and sectarian identities.

  • 2

    The organization became a case of transnational ethnic nationalism.

  • 3

    That's the limit of the idea of ethnicity.

  • 4

    In ethnic discussions, the two are incomparable.

  • 5

    The British are not inbred but ethnically diverse.

  • 6

    The Fang are the main ethnic group.

  • 7

    How are the ethnicities of the victims relevant

  • 8

    The core of the article is about ethnicity.

  • 9

    The ethnicity of the editor doesnt count.

  • 10

    The majority ethnicity in the city is Thai.