errands are things that you do to take care of business. You might go shopping for groceries, go to the bank, or go to the post office.

  • I have to run some errands after work.

  • I need to go to the bank to pick up my daughter's birthday present.

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Example Sentences for errands

  • 1

    Is it truly a remake of The Fool's Errand

  • 2

    Is this a mistaken reference to The Fool's Errand

  • 3

    The detainee runs errands for them.

  • 4

    The result was 'Redirect' to Errand of Mercy.

  • 5

    It is a fools errand to persue this to the end game.

  • 6

    Remember the errand and the e mail today.

  • 7

    Now an errand boy for the Brotherhood of the Chosen Keepers.

  • 8

    So they send Mugen to run the errand for them.

  • 9

    In carny, a type of fool's errand is known as the key to the midway.

  • 10

    In the fourth of the books, Fool's Errand, Fitz is approximately 35.