When someone is enslaved, they are controlled or dominated by someone else. They may be forced to work or live in a way that is not comfortable or fair.

  • The slaves were worked to the extreme, and were enslaved by their masters.

  • The slaves were enslaved by the government, and were forced to do labor that they didn't want to do.

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Example Sentences for enslaved

  • 1

    She was not supposed to be enslaved.

  • 2

    The enslavement of Indians was prohibited.

  • 3

    The people enslaved the others.

  • 4

    Most of the prisoners were enslaved.

  • 5

    The community enslaved the weak people.

  • 6

    The men enslaved the young men.

  • 7

    The town fell, and the population was enslaved.

  • 8

    They proceeded to the Moriori and enslave the survivors.

  • 9

    But what was the spiritual life of the enslaved Africans

  • 10

    He also initiated the enslavement of the natives.