To engulf something is to completely surround and control it. When the waves engulf the shore, they are very high and powerful.

  • The terrorists attempted to engulf the city, but they were unsuccessful.

  • The city was engulfed by the forest.

Definition of engulfs


devote (oneself) fully to


absorb, engross, immerse, plunge, soak up, steep


flow over or cover completely

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Example Sentences for engulfs

  • 1

    Pandemonium engulfed the course.

  • 2

    The people engulfed the town.

  • 3

    Peace eventually engulfed the surroundings.

  • 4

    The amoebae and the plasmodia engulf microorganisms.

  • 5

    The revolution engulfed the entire country.

  • 6

    The situation threatened to engulf the entire country.

  • 7

    At the site of infection, the neutrophils engulf and kill bacteria.

  • 8

    The army was in shambles and the country was engulfed in a political turmoil.

  • 9

    As the clouds engulf the village, the villagers rush to seek shelter.

  • 10

    As the song ends, the lights engulf the girls, ending the clip.