To endow something is to give it a gift. Sometimes the gift is money, but it can also be something more valuable, like a gift card.

  • The university endows many different scholarships.

  • He endowed his library with a large sum of money.

Definition of endow


furnish with an endowment




give qualities or abilities to


empower, endue, gift, indue, invest

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Example Sentences for endow

  • 1

    The man endowed the blessings.

  • 2

    They wanted to be endowed of faith.

  • 3

    An expansion of the endowment is a part of the plan.

  • 4

    He endowed faith to the people.

  • 5

    The first addition needs to be the endowment.

  • 6

    The man endowed his talents.

  • 7

    The soldiers are endowed with the power of Faith.

  • 8

    An expansion of the endowment is also part of the plan.

  • 9

    Can it be possible to endow someone with freedom

  • 10

    Money is the measure of the value of those endowments.