Endorphins are chemicals that are produced when the body is in pain. They are often called "the morphine of the body."

  • Endorphins make you feel happy and relieved.

  • The painkillers block the production of endorphins, which makes the pain worse.

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    Endorphins give the best hangover.

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    Drinking water also stimulates the release of endorphins.

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    Endorphins are regularly released in the brain and nerves to attenuate pain.

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    When endorphin binds the endorphin brain receptor, a euphoric state is induced.

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    Examples include endorphin and morphine.

  • 6

    First, you take an endorphin blocker.

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    I think it was an adrenaline/endorphin thing.

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    Plus they'd get an endorphin kick.

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    Taking nicotine increases the endorphins in the body.

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    Anxiety is reduced by the increase of beta endorphin.