Endangering someone is doing something that could hurt or harm them. It's illegal to endanger someone, and it's also dangerous.

  • The driver was endangering the children by driving too fast.

  • The politician was endangering the public by giving a speech that was too long.

Definition of endangering


To put (someone or something) in danger; to risk causing harm to.


To incur the hazard of; to risk; to run the risk of.


The act of putting someone or something in danger.

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Example Sentences for endangering

  • 1

    The former is endangered, and the latter is threatened.

  • 2

    The destruction of the Valley left many species endangered and threatened.

  • 3

    The men were endangered.

  • 4

    The situation was endangered by the process.

  • 5

    The species are endangered in the wild.

  • 6

    The writer endangered the characters.

  • 7

    Many of the species of the genus are endangered.

  • 8

    The Giant Anteater is huge and endangered.

  • 9

    The men endangered the little girl.

  • 10

    The pollution endangers the existence of wildlife.