To encrypt is to turn information into a code that is difficult to understand or read. This is done in order to protect the information from being accessed by unauthorized people.

  • The government is encrypting all of the files in order to protect them from being leaked.

  • The software is encrypting the data so that it's safe to be stored on the computer.

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    Then, the cipher is reinitialized to encrypt the rest of the TCP stream.

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    The pointer to the encryption code will be stored in the MBR.

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    A secure electronic mark will be used in the encryption of the code.

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    The encrypting circuit encrypts the identifier.

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    It seems to defeat the purpose of encryption.

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    The changes to Encryption were counterproductive.

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    The encryption is based on the particular system.

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    Another concern is the effect of compression and encryption.

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    The AES key is used to encrypt the document.

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    Cryptograhy is the practice and study of encryption and decryption.